Friday, April 17, 2009


This is a place where IT people can visit and express there feelings.

Try and fill this place with your comments and atleast some part or contribution is expected from everyone in the class. 


  1. well well!!!it was realy-2 a memorable trip on 16 April..i never thought that IT-1 will ever land up having such a marvellous and unforgettable outing...All credit goes 2 dose who originally decided it...thnx evrybdy..hope v further cm up wid more plans in near future!!!
    luv u all!!!

  2. Well what else i can say other than this ki...i enjoyed every moment of these 4 years with this class (IT-1) ....This class gave me new gud and loving friends ...and now as our college days are coming to end..i will ever remember this
    beautiful class....and equally beautiful friend ..i wish all guys a gud luck...for their future life....

  3. Well, I missed it but I promise everyone you will relive the moment either on our farewell or in our next Lab.
    To all those departing away, All The Best!! Our class has a great potential, we stood together, bunked together and we will meet again time to time at every different phase of our lives.
    So to all those who came, stood and fought with us in bunking all Pinaki sir and anita sahoo mam classes.. Here WE GO AGAIN.. Lets shout it out loud.. IT 1 Rocks.

  4. Hiii to al my deareast frnds....well i must say 16th april was an unforgettable day in my life.For the first time i realized that i m going to miss my college days.
    Many of us were not present on that day and we all missed them for that.Many wants to have a get together after the sessionals.....i have put forward the idea to some and they liked it.So, what u guys think about having a get together...we all will have fun..kindly support it and inform me or himanshu suri,if u are liking the idea.
    Let us make our last days in our college wonderful....

  5. well i missed dat class but d aftr moments were really touchng nd moving...those moments were worth evry moment i spent at jss.I thnk 4 yrs back i ws nobody...but now i am watever b, is all bcoz of d luv and support of my classmates...
    I think evrybody was always helpng and available when I needed...I really had one of the best phases of my life...nd one of the best class....
    I ll really miss all of u....-Amritansh

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  7. ya truly said ...16 april ..though i had ma last clas of dat it trnd out to b best day of clg lyf..frankly speakin i never thought that IT1 vil ever land up together in dat manner...
    v greatly njyd dat grafiti on our t-shirts,train nd nt to forget d clas pic with Prathiba mam..
    While taking d initiative V never thought ki v wud get dat much response tnx to al dose who frthr convyd d msg...nd to dose also who trnd out dat day..
    for dose who couldn't der r plans in formation..nd v may soon hav anothr get togethr in dayzz to come....

  8. first of all i want 2 say srry 2 everyone bcaz i waz nt present at tht moment....wht a gr8 finish tht i hv seen d pics....every 1 waz full of joy and a lot of masti....except pratibha mam,hahahaahaha......

    suri...karan...ishu....patnayak...i made sme masti wid u...sme boys lik indresh...lalit....are really sweet and simple.

    maheshwari,amritansh...srry 2 u...bcaz i hv made a lot of fun of u m sure tht....u wll nt mind it....specially maheshwari...u r my decent friend...

    archit and abhishek...there is a big rumour abt ur relatnshp among pandey ji....i wnt 2 say u..."wot u said tht u did"...keep it up my friend...and archit babu...bura mat manana......ab dosto me to masti chalti hi hai...archit ,u r really a brilliant student...hats off 2 u...

    nw i move 2 those...whom i love alot...atin,kavindra,jai,deepak,amit....u all r relly gr8 in different fields....sme 1 in java...sme 1 in memory power,sme 1 in hard wrk,sme 1 in database....amazing guys....wot hppnd if u r nt gettng marks.....m sure,u r btter thn others in ur field....and i lov u yaar.

    nw move on 2 the gals of our class...u all, really proved tht gals r nt below the boys.....u all were alwaz amazing......u all are "beauty wid brain". come on gals rock d world....

    finally best wishes 2 those who r placed....and for those who r nt placed tll yet..."kal kisne dekha hai dost,picture to abhi baki hai mere bhai,kya pata jo tume aaj kuchh na samajhte ho...kal wohi tumare kadmon me move on guys......

    love u all

  9. yaar i suppose ek aur trip bantee hai bcoz a lot of people were absent on 16th due to some reason or the other......

    lets say we decide after our last sessionals ??

  10. as far as i thnk y dnt u ppl decide 2mrw aftr itim sessnl...vo zyada thik hai..evrybdy wud b present in da cls!!!!!

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  14. what a emtional and touchy speech can't be urs....well any ways i liked it..and we ..Atin,Kavi,pandeyji,jaiki,,and GyAnEnDrA....will remain friends...i love u all guys....

    .....and YUP..THE GIRLS were truly blessed with "BRAIN AND BEAUTY "....its a honour that they were in my class ...
    suri,karan,ishu bhai were excellent and the only hulaars gang of our class.. ..i will miss u guys..truly..

    now abt my friends whose memories will make me i got support from them ..whenever i need them..








  15. ya...i also agree with above people...even i miss that moment as i was busy in admission process for MBA...pls plan once during session every body will be there....hope to have fotu session.............c ya then...

  16. i also request you all people have small grouping after ITIM session...that will be best Idea....hope to c u there....

  17. i m realy missing sm thoughtful words 4m my friends.n where r rest f da grls...v v bad..i hope koi dekhe aur kuch likhe...moderator sahab se request hai ki iss blog ki zyada publicity karein...taki response aur acha ho!!!!!!

  18. hi All..
    i really missed d jovial atmosphere of 16th april..i ws surprised to listen dat it-1 cud ever plan an outing lyk dis..i saw d pics and dey wr amazing..esp d graffiti on d T's..i realy wsh if v cn plan an another 1 aftr sesnals to rejuvenate all dose moments agn... IT1 rocks..!!

  19. ya pic sesn fr sure aftr itim sesnl............covering each nd evry location in clg....[;)]

    ver is rest of d clas ..cmmon guyz write smthng in dis blog...

    join our clas community

  20. Sorry for the late blogging(old habits..Blah Blah) bt here i mark my Attendence in this blog!!!

    WOW...16th april...wht a day to end up the most exciting days of my student life!! d onli wrd coming in mind at the moment.

    well thnx for all those who turned up.

  21. its an humble request 2 all it guyz..plz monday ko koi prog na rakho.....hmare lingua franca ki farewel hai!!!y dnt u keep it aftr our 3rd sessnl????plz reply

  22. ya.....v'l try to keep d prg aftr 3rd sesnl............nd atleast den koi tnsn bhi nhi rahegi....lolz

  23. definitely...oye 1 more suggestion..mayb farewel 25 ko hai!!! y nt da it gp plan an outng on dat day only...!!

  24. as far as suggestions are concenred
    y not a beer party!!!
    for a change acha bhi rahega and girls are also invited [:)]

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  26. A lot has been heard about the 16th April outing.
    I missed that outing but I really hope that we'll soon be going to another outing that will include the whole class....
    I am really looking forward of this outing...
    I never thought that this would have had happen in IT1 but this has happened and it feels great when you have such a great bonding among ourselves.

    ALL THE BEST to all of you for your future and I hope that we all go very far in our lives.
    One thing I want to say is that this blog is a very good way of interaction between all of us.So keep blogging in near future also when we depart from one another.
    Ankit Agarwal (Roll No 14):)

  27. hi all
    as far as outing on d farewel day is concerned,d colg management has made our farewell a joke by giving it in d deparment itself...nebdy can imagine dat wat v r goin 2 do in d department on our farewell day.v shud definitely stand against it as v ppl dint get freshers newys thanks to all d ppl who were dre on 16th april n made it a great day 4 us...

  28. Hey u al knw our farewel has been planned department wise....4m 4-6 pm in seminar hall.........So all 4th yrs wud b gathering on 23rd April aftr 2nd sessnl 2 protest against it..its a kind request 4m my side..dt u al b present IT_1 is no less.

  29. Frnds...those who r not willing for a departmental party nd wanna go for collective farewell u all r required to go to hod, cs & it, nd inform ur decision eithr tmrrw or day aftr.Once 10-15 ppl will go to hod thn the msg will b conveyed to support nd all shud talk 2 hod nd if nthng happns thn protest...Amritnsh

  30. hey amritansh v hv already talkd 2 princi,hod,dean 2day bt nthing hs happnd.dats y v hv decided dat v all not only IT-1 bt whole f d final yr wil go 2 our respective hods n den collectively move 2 d princi against dis...protest is d only soln left nw...

  31. bahi apne college kuch nahi ho sakta hai.....inki....***********************..........

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  33. 2day many of us 4m final yr including students frm al d branches hv talkd 2 d princi n believe me even d dean is in favour of combined farewell.Bt d princi is so adamant dat he is nt listening 2 nebdy.d meeting b/w d hods n princi is goin on n nw v r jst waiting 4 d final notice.If he dsnt agree 4 d combined one den v all hv 2 boycott d department farewell....dey jst can't impose ne decision on us.atleast farewell shud b given wid our prior consent.lastly,only 4-5 ppl wre dere 2day frm it1.hey guyz,where r u?u shud cm frwrd 4 dis as farewll is our right..(moreovr v dint get freshers evn).

  34. guyz..our farewel is on 25 april...4m 6-8 aa clg wale to notice upload krne k mood mein nhi lg rhe hain!!!!

  35. yaar..plz..baki log bhi orkut par hmari class community join kro.i swear.its real fun.....

  36. farwwell de rahe hia ya....lagar mein bula rahe ki....invitation bhi nahi de rahe hia........yaar last year to asia nahi hua tha............[:x]

  37. maine join kar lee....par usme fun jaisa kuch nahin laga......baki log try kar lo..shayad bade bujurg sahi kah rahe ho.....

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  39. hey guyz nd gals evry1 has seemed 2 stop blogging...bhul gaye kya blog ko abhi se-Amritansh

  40. nahi mere dost amritansh nahi main tumko kaise bhool sakta hoon

  41. SORRY SORRY SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE nvr consider me d least.....[:x][:x]....Well, I never write posts related to college normally. I think it’s time to make an exception. nw itz been sm last dayz of our colg. Yea, we'll later have to go for the exams and stuff. But no more sitting in the classroom. (Well i nvr attended one) It’s hard to think straight in times like this. There’s always a mix of happiness and sadness (even if only a bit) involved....

    wht to say abt people in dis class....from toppers to duffers(specially me)....from simple to complex(hyper) apko yahan sbhi mil dont consider dis class as sbne end mein ek dusre ko dikha diya tht v care for each odr...v still stand for each odr....ND V STILL R FRNSS[:)][:)] matter the ratio btween gals nd boyz in d class is depressing(well it mattrd for me...[:)][:)]...).....

    class mein kitno se baat hoti hai mujhe nai pta bt i think vrybody is so sweet...vrybody is helping.....

    yaaro yaad aa gye wo dinn jb ragging time mein saare launde neeche beth kr CHUTKULE baji krte the....jb FFC tk jaane mein hmari lg jati thi...jb THIRD BUTTON RED na hone pe SHIRT k saare button kaat diye jaaate the....jb baal chote na hone pe NAGRAJ cut kra diya jata tha(specially kisi k liye tha ye).....jb LUNCH mein class sbko MURGA bna diya jata tha nd ldkiyaan ko bola jata tha "BETA AWAAJ KAUN NIKALEGA"....hahahha...well i remembr all....

    well sbko yaad rhengi ye baatein...i do think m really very happy to have frns like u....

    v all hav divided grps bt last class showd d UNITY btween us...i njoyd d whole day....i don no who arrangd it really thnks who did dis....

    gyanu,deepak,kavin,atin, pandey ji, archit babu, amritansh(amritansu :) :))....yee ldke wo hai jisne maine seekha PDAI KRO.....

    ANKIT(cutie), ANKIT(anchal), ANSHUL, NEERAJ inse maine seekha CODING KRO.....

    nilikh, ishu,tiwari, karan se maine seekha MASTI KRO.....

    nd last bt not d least LDKIYON se maine seekha ABE KCH NA KRO BS LINEBAAJI KRO....hahahah

    well shyad jada lmba likh diya...agr shyad sem mein likha hota to pass ho gya hota....[:p][:p]...

    yaaro sb alag alag jagah jaa rhe hai, may b sm of us will meet each odr, sm of us will not, bt bddies REMEMBER each one of us....BECAUSE MEMORIES FADE, BT FRNSHIP DOESNOT.....

    HAVE A HAPPY AND ROCKIN LIFE TO EACH ONE OF U....gud lck....[;)][:)]

  42. evry1 has stopped blogging.
    Wish u all engineers a gud future.-amritansh

  43. " Oh! Do not attack me with ur watch. A watch is too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch. "
    I was n always been thinking abt this thing called time n how dis time keeps flowin n goin.Always wat we r left wid at d end of everything is just d shortage of time.
    Things hav cum in full circle, i mean all of us hav left frnds n colleagues in d past also but wat i think is dis time it's sumwat different coz wat we r departing frm is dat part of ours life dat was only n only n only ours.......
    I mean d height to which we hav enjoyd our freedom n d lengths to which we hav gone, d endless hours of sleep dat never seemed to cumin to an end n d semester long breaks wen everything seemed to be just perfect at ease with itself, no signs of studies until u got d admit card dat makes u eligible for 10 or 15 day long marathon for d quest of 60 dollars in ur piggy bank(dis quest for dollars varies wid d kind of crook he is)
    N meanwhile in dis ours very own semester long break we equip ourselves wid d finest of d arts available to human race- "BC".
    Dis art dat all my honorary frnds hav mastered so well dat dey will feel so proud to pass dis art to their generations to come.All of us came to this college wid d genes of a Neanderthals( d first homo sapien)n wat we hav turned into is a whole new race of nocturnal animals, freaky geeks,n sum fortunate ones bcuming d Cupid n Psyche.All in all dese clg days hav given such teachings n lessons dat may nt be valuable to d outside world but dese r so precious to us dat only dese r goin to be remembered forever.......

    Now i think dis bullshi. is way extending too much n most of u don't like dis kind of shi., so on a parting note:-
    "Now fades the last long strak of snow,
    Now burgeons every maze of quick
    About the flowering squares, and thick
    By ashen roots the violet blow. "

  44. "i am not always surrounded by problems,its just that i stick to them longer"

    I sit here idle on my laptop thinking what i could have done,what i have done and what i can do.
    All the time i sat on the machine scribbling , the fucked up head that i have and peace and tranquility that i enjoy now after 4 years.

    All that has come and gone.Frendz for life,what family means and what girls actually mean(they never understood me may God help them AMEN!!!)
    This parting does not mrk an end but the starting of a newer and a better era.

    "the soul never thinks without a mental picture"

  45. wow wht a description ishu and anshul hav givn.....this partying behaviour...dese rockin dayz....those 10 mins nap....nd hours of endless wht a dayz dey vrybody wud b bzy.....wid dere life nd may b wid dere GALFRNS too....[:p][:p] still remembr us not for d dayz v were for each odr, bt atleast for d dayz whn v were not DERE for each odr....well LONG LIVE D DEVIL...[:)][:)]